Zostel Launches Zozo Bus for Pre-Planned Trips

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India largest hostel chain Zostel has launched ZoZo Bus, a neat marketing strategy and logistical extension to their already-existing network of youth-focused budget-travel hotels.

In essence, the ZoZo bus is a 12-15-seater bus, with a volunteer guide from Zostel, which takes you on a pre-planned trip, to a handful of destinations in a specific region.

To even launch this concept though, Zostel did a test-run in early July — through a call on Instagram. “Board the coolest bus on the evening of July 5th and begin the trip with games, songs, and a lot of random fun,” they posted at the end of June.

“While this test-pilot was a short trip, the ZoZo Bus goes on longer 10-day holidays too. Like the one starting this weekend, for nine days to Spiti; just last weekend, the Bus did a three-day trip to Pushkar. You can come solo, or with a few friends, but the idea is for “people to make new friends, and to communicate and evolve as a person,” says Aviral Gupta, the company’s chief strategy officer.

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