Uber Eats Ties Up with Cafe Coffee Day to Launch Virtual Restaurant

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Uber’s on-demand food delivery app Uber Eats and Indian cafe chain, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) have announced a strategic partnership to launch  a brand for the virtual restaurant — the concept, which understands consumer’s food ordering behaviours and availing his/her favourite meal at the doorstep. This means that menus which used to be delivered only in one location will now be delivered in all different locations.

The launch is expected to kick-off in CCD’s 10 cafe chain in Bengaluru during the first week of November, 2018.

“This is the first large-scale relationship we have with a large restaurant chain… and co-invested our time, energy and money to create this. This is the first of its kind. Previously, we have done this, but with independent restaurants and locations. This will probably be the largest virtual restaurant chain in the world,” Uber Everything head Jason Droege said.

CCD has more than 1,700 cafe chains across India, while Uber Eats has more than 100 restaurant partners and 2,000 delivery-only kitchens (also called cloud kitchens) across 37 cities in the country. With this long term partnership,CCD will be able to leverage its large chain of cafes and expand into virtual brands.

“What we will do is provide meal options to the people. The menu will be different from the current menu of the CCD. We might have to implement some equipment as and when organoleptic, stage, portion, size, pricing are put together. We are starting with hardcore data and insights coming from existing consumers of Uber Eats. The opportunity is to make CCD cafes virtual across India,” said Venu Madhav, CEO, Cafe Coffee Day.

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