The Story of EOINDIA

    Story of eoindia

    On our third anniversary, we stop by to share our story with you.

    How we started?

    Entrepreneurs of India (EOINDIA) was once just an idea that fascinated a team of three aspiring entrepreneurs based in Calicut, Kerala – Arif Muhammed, David Blanchard and Nigel Jennings.  They decided to launch an online platform to support and promote startups and entrepreneurs of the country.

    It was initially launched on Instagram. At the beginning, a lion’s share of the content was quotes that gave a dose of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. Slowly, the  community on Instagram grew larger in number, which encouraged us to launch of our website,

    The urge to give more value to the audience persuaded us to create new and exciting content on the website. That’s how we started our most popular segment, EOI Startup Stories, a series of interviews that featured entrepreneurs from different parts of the country. Simultaneously we shared resources that helped businessmen in the form of startup tips, reviews and startup news.  Later, EOI Spotlight was launched. It told the inspiring stories of great entrepreneurs who did exceptionally well in their respective domains.

    Today we have published over 100 Startup Stories and stand in forefront of India’s startup landscape. From a small Instagram presence to a popular online platform for entrepreneurs, the growth has been quite exciting so far. Now we have a massive fan following on Instagram. It would not have been possible without the support of our community.

    The Team

    EOINDIA is spearheaded by a vibrant team of professionals – both on the technical and creative side. Want to have a glance of our team? Here’s a picture that fits all of us in one frame!

    Story of eoindia
    Team eoindia

    What you can expect in 2019?

    We are planning to bring tons of excitement to you this year. There will be more content and fun.

    EOI Stories – a new segment, set to launch soon. It tells the story of people who are sensational on social media. Want to know the exciting part? Apart from entrepreneurs, you can unravel the stories of people from all walks of life here- artists, photographers, fashion bloggers, filmmakers and so on!

    Mega Giveaways – You have always given tremendous response to our giveaways. So we thought to give you something bigger in 2019. Our Mega Giveaways with unique sponsored gifts will be kick-started soon! Stay tuned to win exciting prizes.

    Videos – Yes, you heard us right! EOINDIA will bring super-exciting video content this year.

    So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you don’t miss the fun.

    Rush to Instagram and follow eoindia now!

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