What it takes to be an artist?

India Icon - Fathima Hakkim

Fathima Hakkim

Fathima Hakkim is an architect by profession, but she found her calling in painting. She dipped her feet into the world of colours at the age of four. Since then there was no looking back. Art has been her way to express emotions. She literally beats the blues with hues! This Kochi-based artist shot to fame through her exhibitions and workshops. Fathima has also delivered two TedX talks. She tells her story.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by the tiniest of things around. I observe and study from my surroundings. The colours, shades, light and shadow, textures. The beauty and complexity of it makes me want to create.

Tip to the beginners in my industry

A piece of paper, a canvas, or wall. Anything you can make art is a world itself. Do not be afraid of judgments as you will be showered with plenty. Observe, analyse, paint and reflect.

Biggest influence on my life

My father deeply influenced me in my journey. Also, Khalil Gibran’s acclaimed book, The Prophet, changed my perspectives.

What am I grateful for?

Art and family.

How do I unwind?

I play my ukulele.

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India Icons -Fathima Hakkim

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