Flipkart Makes it Mandatory for Sellers to Buy Flipkart-Branded Packaging

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Homegrown ecommerce player Flipkart, which has recently been bought by Walmart, has reportedly made it mandatory for all sellers on its platform to use only Flipkart-branded packaging for delivering goods to consumers.

The company has directed the sellers to use its environment- friendly packaging ahead of the Diwali sales. Flipkart will penalise the sellers by blocking their accounts or not delivering their orders if they don’t comply with its brand-packaging.

Flipkart said that the new packaging material environment-friendly and compliant with regulations made by various states on single use of plastics.

“We are a responsible company and want to be environment-friendly. We have no profit making in this as the sellers will deal with our packaging vendors,” said Nishant Gupta, senior director at Flipkart.

However, the sellers are shockingly surprised by the company’s new decision that came just a few days before the festive sale. “This is a restrictive policy and is being forced through account suspension,” a spokesperson for the All India Online Vendors Association said.

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