Aakanksha Bhargava – Risking It All To Win

Entrepreneurs of India - Spotlight

If there is one attribute that all successful entrepreneurs must have it is determination. The ability to keep going and not give up – even when it seems like everyone else has!

Today we feature an entrepreneur who knows what it means to persist and not give up.  In 2008 as she was beginning her entrepreneurial career she identified a large US based potential client and began trying to arrange a meeting with them.

But the client was even reluctant to speak with her. Because they thought her company could not handle big projects.

But a true entrepreneur does not give up at the first attempt – or the 5th or 10th! Her attempts finally bore fruit when in 2014 she was finally offered a 20 minute meeting in the US. 

YES that’s right 6 years of trying to get a 20 minute meeting on the other side of the world! She flew out immediately.

When she started speaking, relying on her passion for her business, it became a 2 hour meeting. She closed the deal!

That is what entrepreneurship is really about …when everyone around stops believing, you Never give up on your dream!

After 7 years the contract from the client arrived in 2015. Her determination made it possible.

Entrepreneurs of India- Spotlight

Meet Aakanksha Bhargava, the acclaimed woman entrepreneur who spearheads PM Relocations, one of the most reliable names in packing and moving business.

She is the only woman in India to lead a large relocation business.

Aakanksha’s remarkable business story, which was affluent with challenges and excitements, is no less than an adventure.

Aakanksha’s  entrepreneurial journey started in 2007. She joined PM Relocations, a business commenced by her father, at 21. Aakanksha led the company’s operations and expanded the business..

Now after a decade, she transformed her business into a leading brand. Today, PM Relocations has operations across the globe, helping people relocate.

When Aakanksha took the helm of her father’s firm, packing and moving business  was largely dominated by international companies. Moreover, it was not a women’s domain.

So what made Aakanksha choose the less taken path?

It was her passion for serving people. She feels the moving and packing business gives her a platform to serve the people even when it’s challenging.

Aakansha always went an extra mile to ensure best experience for her clients.

“If you serve a customer well, you will always have more customers,” she says.  

Entrepreneurs of India- Spotlight

Her company, PM Relocations, tried to fill the gap of movers in India.  She turned her father’s  vision into reality.  Aakanksha has many reasons to demonstrate why her business has immense possibilities today.

“There are many moving in and out of India.  So there are a lot of relocations,” she points out. 

But why has her business become successful despite fierce competition?

Because she believes her company’s goal is different. It’s not solely profit-oriented.

“Service is our ultimate goal,” states Aakanksha.

She feels everyday is a new challenge. She recollects the experience of taking over her family business. “It was all about liking it, loving it and making it your own,” she says.

Aakanksha had confidence in her father’s company. She understood ensuring best service is the key to amass customers.

She believes attitude is everything when you commence a business. “Make sure you have the right attitude to take your business to the next level,” she says.

For her, business is an opportunity to create value and make a difference

During her early days at PMR, she even had to pack and move things herself. Now her company operates across all locations worldwide and has over 500 employees.

Aakanksha thinks the key factor in moving and packing business is investment. There was a time when her company desperately wanted funds to kickstart business.

There weren’t any funding options. So she decided to take a calculated risk, her boldest decision.

“I proposed the idea of mortgaging our house. It was the only asset we had. We were about to take a plunge and risk it all. However, we succeeded,” she recollects.

Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories- Spotlight

In her opinion only a person with right intent will be successful in business. She dissuades people from joining entrepreneurship just because they feel it’s cool.

“Don’t be an entrepreneur just because you think it’s cool. If you’re into entrepreneurship, do everything with the right intent. Because so many people count on you every day. So intent matters,” says Aakanksha.

Today PM Relocations conveniently helps you relocate to any country. So their customer base is so vast. “ Everywhere I go, I end up meeting one or two who would like to relocate,” says Aakanksha.

Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories- Spotlight

She also has a strong message for budding entrepreneurs-

“It’s important to find your calling”.  

Aakanksha completed B.Com honors from Hindu College, Delhi  and earned MBA  from SP Jain School of Global Management.

On the family side, Aakanksha is happily married. To keep her optimism and focus intact, she practices yoga and loves reading Ayn Rand.

Want to know her favourite book?

It’s Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

She is also a recipient of many awards.  She won the ‘Best Woman Leader’ award instituted by Business Today in 2015 for her contributions to the entrepreneurship community across India.

Other than relocation, PMR now undertakes scores of services such as vehicle shifting, corporate shifting,car rental, pet moving, visa and immigration, storage etc.

Her business has also made Aakanksha a wanderlust and she travels frequently to different parts of the world. But she finds Iceland extremely peaceful.

Want to know why? 

“Because nobody moves to Iceland,” she signs off!

You can follow Aakanksha on Instagram here.

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