Still Not Part Of Our #47minclub?

    Entrepreneurs of India - Giveaway Contest

    What is #47minclub?

    It’s the unique of way of rewarding our loyal Instagram community through a giveaway contest!

    Yes, we give you exciting prizes! 

    Entrepreneurs of India - Giveaway Contest

    What are the prizes?

    You have always been special to us. So we have very special prizes for you.

    For the second anniversary we give you customized premium t-shirts and best-selling books!

    Our prizes will never stop seeking you in future as well!

    What you should do to win the contest?

    First, you must turn on Entrepreneurs of India Instagram  notifications. 

    Then, you have to like and comment on the Instagram posts within the first 47 minutes we post them.

    Very simple, isn’t it?


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